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Significant increase in plastic machinery industry demand

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With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the market demand for plastic molding and processing equipment has greatly increased. Many companies have adopted joint ventures, cooperation and purchase of manufacturing licenses with similar foreign companies, introduced advanced technology and designs from abroad, and digested them, which has significantly improved China's plastic machinery industry, and products have initially met engineering plastics General needs of the processing industry.

China's plastic machinery industry has significantly improved

Due to the improving global economic situation and rising incomes, consumer demand and output of engineering plastic products will continue to increase. China, India and Russia have good sales prospects for plastics processing equipment. Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran, and other developing countries and regions will benefit from steady economic growth, continued industrialization, and increased personal income. Demand for plastic processing equipment will increase. And packaging in the plastic processing machinery market will still be large, accounting for more than one-third of all 2017 sales. The next big end markets are consumer goods and construction.

Injection molding equipment will still be an important processing machine, and due to its versatility in a wide range of applications, the demand for 3D printer plastics is growing rapidly from the type of plastic processing equipment to a relatively small current market base. Extrusion machinery sales will increase at a rapid rate next, supporting growth in world construction activity. China is currently the country's largest equipment market, accounting for 29% of all 2012 sales, and will continue to lead global demand in 2017.

Just as clothing, food, housing and transportation are indispensable in people's lives, machinery and equipment are also indispensable facilities in the plastics industry. At the same time as the plastics industry is fully developed, machinery and equipment have also made great progress. Nowadays the global economic situation is plastic machines Machinery and equipment provide good development opportunities. As business owners, if they can seize this opportunity decisively and quickly, they will have good development.

China's accession to the WTO has further improved the international market environment for China's plastic machinery industry. The plastics machine industry must seize the opportunities, make full use of relevant policies, give play to the advantages of low local (domestic market) labor costs, social stability, and sustained GDP growth, work hard at internal strength, and take effective measures to keep production efficiency in China. China's plastic machinery industry, which is the leader in the machinery industry, has achieved greater success with a higher average annual growth rate.

As the overall global economic situation improves and income increases, consumer demand and output of engineering plastic products will continue to increase, and the development trend of the plastic processing machinery industry will gradually improve. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of global demand for plastic processing machinery will reach 6.9%. And this growth may be due to better sales, resulting in accelerated investment in fixed assets and economic growth in the production of plastic products.