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Service ¡Ù After Sales ¡Ù Maintenance
The service at Jplastic Me is not a simple repair. It is not only the last link of product sales, but also the first link of product research and development. It runs through product development, design, manufacturing, and pre-sales, sales, and after-sales business operations The entire process
Service is the process of discovering user needs and quickly meeting them;
Service is to create user impressions and realize value-added.


Establish a service culture and concept system that is compatible with Jplastic Me Precision's corporate culture, and promote the establishment and dissemination of the "Jplastic Me Precision" brand;
By integrating internal resources, a high-quality service management team with strong technology, responsibility and entrepreneurial enthusiasm was quickly established, laying a good foundation for Jplastic Me's sophisticated differentiated service model.


Use all available resources to create and enhance harmonious service capabilities;
Resources are in place, information is unobstructed, operations are orderly, procedures are controlled, and results are ensured.