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XPE is chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material

XPE is chemically cross-linked polyethylene foaming material, which is made of low-density polyethylene resin plus cross-linking agent and foaming agent after continuous high-temperature foaming. Compared with EPE (physical foamed polyethylene, commonly known as pearl cotton), The tensile strength is higher and the cells are finer. Compared with other PE or non-PE materials, XPE material has excellent performance in durability, light resistance, physical impact resistance, etc. XPE itself has stable chemical properties, is not easy to decompose, has no odor, and has good elasticity. It is the preferred material for manufacturing crawling mats, sound insulation layers, heat insulation layers, and automobile floor mats.

Foam furnace output 5-6 tons / day

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   Ordinary XPE generally uses horizontal furnace foaming, while IXPE can use horizontal furnace foaming or vertical furnace foaming. But whether it is XPE or IXPE, the front and back processes are basically the same. The most common production methods are: granulation, extrusion, compression, foaming, and reeling.
   Common granulation methods are:
   1. Crushing one by one, opening one by one, pulling one by one, cooling one by one
   2. Extruded one by one single screw extruded one by one water ring (air-cooled) pelletizing
   3. High-speed mixer, parallel twin-screw mixing type extruder, single-screw extruder, water ring (air-cooled) pelletizing and other three methods.
     The extruder has a mixing and extruding structure. Due to the raw materials, the temperature control, water ring sleeve, heating ring, and screw temperature control of the extruder have high precision requirements. The material of the barrel and screw of the extruder currently used is usually 38CrMoAlA high-quality alloy steel. The structure of the screw core of the XPE material is used to pass water or oil, and it is equipped with a high-precision constant temperature device.
     The tablet is formed by an upright three-roll calender. The three rolls are mirror-parallel rolls. The internal water flow is equipped with a high-precision constant temperature system. There is a six-meter cooling bracket at the back. The device has a trimming knife and a stress relief device.
     The foaming furnace adopts a reinforced furnace body with a total length of 28 meters, a flat top height of 4-5.5 meters and a width of 3.5-4.5 meters. The furnace body is divided into preheating section, cross-linking section and foaming section. Equipped with imported high-precision igniter and heated by natural gas, this furnace is characterized by low energy consumption, wide production process, flexible operation, simple and convenient, can produce XPE and IXPE, product width 600mm ~ 2600mm, thickness 3mm ~ 12mm. The thinnest of IXPE can produce 2.5mm and the thickest can produce 7mm with density of 25KG / m³ ~ 300KG / m³. The rear of the foaming furnace is equipped with a monitoring system, which can observe the running status of the mesh belt and the film supply. The foaming furnace adopts mesh belt to transfer the mother board, which ensures the continuity and stability of foaming.
     The total length of the winding section is 20m. It passes through the five-roll setting machine, air cooling system, surface smoothing processor, automatic edge correction and trimming device, (other auxiliary equipment can be added as needed.) Traction machine, double station winder, this The unit is 2m-3.5m wide. All cooling forming rollers are mirror chrome plated or stainless steel rollers, which are durable.
     The center height of the full set of production line is 1.2M and the total length is 65M. There are three stations for extrusion, foaming and winding. All the equipment covers an area of ​​about 150 square meters. Relying on the company's years of experience in screw design, on the basis of the conventional XPE extruder screw, the screw structural design is optimized, the cooling system of the barrel and screw core is improved, so that the temperature of the material can be controlled during the high-speed shearing process. While satisfying high output, it ensures that the materials are plasticized and dispersed evenly, providing a good early basis for foaming.
     The place that has a greater impact on product quality is the efficiency of the foaming furnace. The furnace body adopts a reinforced furnace body structure. The whole furnace body is 28 meters long, 3.5-4.5 meters wide and 4-5.5 meters high. The hot section, the cross-linking section and the foaming section are equipped with imported brand high-precision burners. Heating by natural gas can accurately control the temperature in the furnace and facilitate adjustment. The fan uses a high-efficiency and low-noise centrifugal fan. Increased number of air ducts is adopted to make the wind speed evenly distributed within a reasonable range to ensure stable and controllable foaming ratio and foaming molding quality. The characteristics of this furnace are low energy consumption, wide production products, flexible operation, simple and convenient, Production of XPE and IXPE products.
A new three-stage lengthening furnace with a length of 28 meters and a height of 5.5 meters. Divided into preheating section, cross-linking section, foaming section. Equipped with imported famous high-precision energy-saving burners to ensure that the temperature of each section is controlled within plus or minus 1 degree. Meet the foaming process requirements. The furnace body is a three-stage furnace, and the working gas consumption is the same as that of the two-stage furnace. Can produce XPE, IXPE rubber and plastic foam products. XPE (IXPE) is a free-form continuous foaming material. Soft material with smooth surface, closed cells, independent, uniform, non-absorbent, unlimited length, non-absorbent. The biggest feature of the furnace body is the large output, the maximum 230 ~ 280 kg / hour.
XPE foaming furnace performance advantages:
1) The pre-heating and cross-linking sections have been significantly changed. In the case of meeting the process requirements, the heat capacity space is reduced. At the same time, it saves energy.
2) The heat distribution in the furnace overcomes the defect of unreasonable heat distribution in the Korean furnace and is closer to the working heat requirement of XPE foaming. Make XPE foaming in a relatively wide process range, sufficient foaming and stable.
3) Large output. Among the foaming furnaces currently produced in China, our three-stage furnace has the largest output (maximum 280 kg / hour or more). And the XPE cell is finer than the two-stage furnace. The gas consumption is equivalent to the two-stage furnace.
4) Observation holes are set on the wall panel of the foaming section. At the same time, a baffle structure is provided at the outlet of the foaming furnace, and the size of the furnace mouth is adjusted according to the situation of the manufactured products, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.
5) The maximum expansion ratio can reach 35-40 times

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